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Leigh Anne DelRay - Photographer - Web Site Designer

Leigh Anne DelRay's Photography is published in a wide varieties of subjects, most of these include astronomy, geology, meteoritics, entomology, charity benefits, graveyards, Burning Man events, fire-spinning, bands, and several other areas.

Rocks from Space Picture of the Day, a highly admired website featuring meteorites ran by meteorite collectors and lovers. Leigh Anne was honored to have the 'featured' photo three times.

Aerolite Meteorites is one of the leading retailers of high-end premium meteorite specimens to collectors, museums, and educational facilities. Leigh Anne took several of the photographs of the specimens for sale on this site. is one of the most popular, highest regarded informational websites and sources for the rock hound and the scientist alike. It gets on average 1 million hits a month! In 2008 Geoff Notkin, a well known, highly respected meteorite hunter,  began writing a monthly column about meteorites. Leigh Anne DelRay's photographs have been accompanying these monthly articles called 'Meteorwritings'.

Burning Man is an incredibly intense art experiment that takes place in the Nevada desert. Photography there presents as a challenge, due to the flour-like fine sand that is known for destroying electronics. is the best website for all information regarding this event. Although anyone can submit photos to the image gallery on this site, very few are accepted, they state that only a "limited number of exceptional quality images"  are approved. All of Leigh Anne DelRay's images can be seen at this link.

Every year Tucson Arizona combines forces to have several concerts to raise money for charity. In 2007 Leigh Anne DelRay had her photos published on a popular radio station's website covering the event.

For anyone who knows Leigh Anne, knows that she is a huge fan of the tiny things of the world. Her passion is macro photography and capturing the most minute details of the small critters of the world. Her most interesting work is of insects, which can be seen on the very popular website is a resource where local newspapers get photographs, from local photographers, and Leigh Anne has a profile there, with a variety of images.

Leigh Anne looks up to the amazing photography of Stu Jenks, a local Tucson photographer. She was honored to be mentioned in an article he wrote about other local photographers that he liked. And even featured two of her images of the All Souls Parade in 2007.

Every year the Tucson Gem and Mineral show bring tens of thousands of people into the city, and the one publications that everyone needs to get around the gem show is the Tucson EZ Guide, which is a directory of dealers, and the best reference to getting around. Leigh Anne DelRay has worked with the publishers of this guide for over a year now. She had a photo published on the cover of the 2009 Tucson EZ Guide, and the 2008 Denver EZ guide. She also had photographs published in the 2008 Tucson EZ Guide.

Other publications of Leigh Anne's Photography include a variety of images accompanying articles that are only in print.  Here are a list of these:

Sky & Telescope Magazine, October 2008, "Touching the Stars Without
Leaving Home" by Geoffrey Notkin and Ruben Garcia

Meteryt , June 2008, Polish science magazine. Cover Photo as well as other accompanying and article titled "Wspomnienie o Jimie Krieghy"

Tucson EZ Guide, Xpo Press, January 2008

Denver EZ Guide, Xpo Press, September 2008. Cover Photo

Tucson EZ Guide, Xpo Press, January 2009 Cover photo

The Oscar E Monnig Meteorite Collection Catalog was published in January 2008. Leigh Anne helped to work on this book as a design assistant with photography related tasks.

There are many other events and happenings that Leigh Anne has photographed that are scattered throughout the universe. The best area to see a large variety of her images is on her Myspace page, Facebook page, Etsy sales page, or Fliker.